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Song: "Bat Eats Banana"

About #gamTH

Once upon a time,

All angel Thai gays, hidden behide computers, Used the Efnet IRC global network to meet, to talk, to communicate, to find friends, to find... on #gam. At last, the #gam channel was taken over by their neighbors. All angel thai gays have to be apart. Some have to be suffered in the alien channel. But some of them stood up and built thier own homes, #gaythai and #gamTH. #gaythai was for the night angels, talking and having fun. #gamTH was for the day angels, talking and chit-chatting. Not for so long, #gaythai grew up rapidly. #gaythai rose at almost late at night, downed at almost dawn. This was happening everyday at that time, rose and downed, rose and downed, delighted when rose, grived when downed.

Then......... An original drop dead cute gay from #gam sent his own bots to #gaythai, Beowolf and Grendel. So #gaythai didn't have to down everyday and got much stronger because there was more members. Also some were from #gamTH which were so shy because the channel name #gaythai was too obvious. To become one, To become a family The power of one, Started with the voting for the channel name, the only one channel. The power of Democracy, vote and free speech. The rise of one channel for Thai gays, #GamTH

Compose By : Itchy

Credits and General Information: The first 2 Co-Founders of #gamTH are KjBoy and Itchy. The first #gamTH Website was first created on April 13, 1997, designed and taken care by BatSiam and other members from the channel.

Until Now...

In the time that #gamTH was going down, just only a small numbers of users could join to the EFNET Server, because the server wasn't quite stable enough. And there were many new IRC Servers created during that time. #gamTH had to closed itself, finally. There were so many times that members of #gamTH trying to re-establish the channel, but we couldn't stay for too long. A lot of IRC Users used to chat in Thai only and more specific into their preferences. However, our objective is still to connect thai people and other people around the world together, and to share our beautiful thai culture to the visitors.... Welcome to #gamTH

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